1 Million Little Lives

It has been one week. One week since I said goodbye to my makeshift, reestablishment of a Californian life. One week since I got on a plane, with way too much luggage, and flew off chasing the sunrise. One week since I stood in a thunderstorm yelling at the car service for not sending a minivan to the airport to get us, as promised. One very full week of moving to a city that has been my dream all my life.

One day I’ll move to New York. That day came one week ago.

The inspiration for this blog occurred to me a few days later on the train. Millions of people use the NYC Subway System every day. A million little lives bumping up next to one another without ever really knowing anything about one another. This may not be a tell-all for all of them, but my hope is that through this blog, 1 of those million little lives will be explained. Through my word-vomit, virtual vent session with myself, my hope is that my life as I know it will become more tolerable, more intentional, and more full. And, if you’re reading this, I hope some comfort, inspiration, or understanding comes of it.



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