2017 Goals

In an effort to avoid resolutions, which I believe to be half-hearted, well-intentioned, easily-abandonable “what-ifs”, this year I’m goal setting. I’m trying to be broad, yet pointed. Highlighting areas of my life that I want to focus on this year but not necessarily set points that can be marked complete. I don’t want 2017 to be another year of well intended resolutions that result in imminent failure. Instead, I’m going to focus on these ten:

  1. Do one intentionally new thing every week.
    • It may be as simple as eating at a new restaurant I’ve been wanting to try or as involved as taking a trip somewhere completely foreign; regardless, I don’t want the year to go by and end with a list of “I should have done…”s. I’m keeping a running list of these new things in my personal journal but I’m sure some of them, at some point, will surface as blog-able moments.
  2. Be nicer to my skin…and the rest of my body.
    • This one I think will be the hardest. A chronic nail biter since childhood, I’m going to try, but this one may have true moments of weakness.
  4. Journal more often! Finish my new teal Moleskine by the end of the year
  5. And blog more too…
  6. Find a regular exercise routine that works for my body, my budget, and my schedule
  7. Leave the past in the past, but readily allow it to inform my now. Don’t dwell in it, grow from it.
  8. Don’t make excuses for your heart.
  9. Meal prep every week.
    • meaning: plan my grocery shopping and have a set plan for what I will cook. I’m not gonna be one of those girls that pre-packages all 21 meals for the week on Sunday nights. I like my Sundays too much for that. But in effort to save money and slim down, I want to be specific about what and when I eat. 
  10. Read (at least) 12 books for fun!
    • Last year’s “one a month” book challenge failed. And that was when I was out of school. Being back in school means less time for “fun” reading. But with a more generous timeline I’m hoping this will be the right way to go about reading more. I’ll be reviewing the books here, as a form of accountability. 

Photo credit: L. M. Raitt January 2017. 


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