Spontaneity Looks Good On Me

I did something insane today.

It occurred to me as I sat in one of my classes today, that I should really go back to Spain. In 2013 I studied abroad there for 5 months, mostly focusing on obtaining my International Diploma of Fluency in Spanish as a Foreign Language (The DELE as it is known). While I was there, I fell in love with Spain but more specifically, with Spanish art and cultural history. My study abroad experience changed the trajectory of my education and my career goals in one foul swoop. And today, as I sat in my Spanish Golden Age Seminar, I was daydreaming of returning to the dazzling country I love so much.

So I got online. I looked at ticket prices. And I realized something magnificent.

By moving to New York City, I’ve placed myself 1/2 way toward the European Continent and therefore, flights to Spain are remarkably less expensive then they were traveling from the West Coast. Better than that, I don’t have to transfer. I’ll be on a nonstop flight that cost me less than it would have cost me to fly home for Spring Break, which is a ridiculous reality that I am going to take full advantage of.

So what started as a daydream at 10am became a reality by the end of the day. I booked my flight, booked my busses, booked a hostel, and I feel good. I feel alive in a really odd way. Like somehow this lit a fire underneath me. I’m not sure what made me feel so strongly like this was something that I needed to do, but I felt a call, and I responded.

Photo credit: L. M. Raitt Fall 2013. Granada Spain. Plaza Bib Ramblas.


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