10 Reasons Why Families Are Like Throw Pillows

Family is a process.

Sure there is a set of humans to whom you are biologically tied. But then there is the stunning network of souls that your heart yearns for. I often equate family to building a house. You start with a foundation – then you build an initial structure, the framework – then you the solid structure, the walls, the roof, the floors, the doors – and then you put on the finishing touches, you paint the walls and pick the perfect couch accented with just the right throw pillows.

It all starts with the foundation. The better the foundation, the fewer cracks, the stronger the material, the better off you’ll be in the future. The foundation is of utmost importance for it is what the rest of your house is built on.

But here’s the thing, I like throw pillows.

  1. They are colorful and add much needed spark.
  2. They come in all shapes and sizes.
  3. Our relationship is mutually dependent.
  4. They cushion your fall. 
  5. They aren’t for everybody.
  6. They support you when, and where, you need it most.
  7. They can recognize when they aren’t what you most need.
  8. They change shape, but never break.
  9. They are sometimes seasonal, and sometimes for life.
  10. But, they are chosen, by you. 



Photo Credit: Target. “Colorful Global Décor.” Target : Expect More. Pay Less., 2017, http://www.target.com/c/throw-pillows-home-decor/-/N-5xttp. Accessed 8 May 2017.



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