Hi there!

I’m gonna use this space here to tell you a little bit more about me and shed light on why I’m embarking on this e-adventure. But, as anyone who has ever written a cover letter, CV, or Tinder profile knows, writing about yourself is possibly the worst thing. Or a close second to bad Tinder dates at least…

I’m originally from Southern California, where I [mostly] happily lived until I was 18. I have an incredible family and I am the owner of the cutest dog in the world, no debating necessary. I moved away for college and went to the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. I have an immense amount of pride and respect for that gem of a place beside the silver sea. No school, just like no person, is perfect but I spent 4 years on campus as a student and a fifth year working for a nonprofit on campus and I am grateful to it for all that I learned there, academically and otherwise. I got a dual degree in Art History and Anthropology while also getting my minor in Spanish. I studied abroad in Granada, Spain for a semester and also ventured to Cuba as part of a travel seminar. Yes I went to Havana before it was cool.

While I was at Puget Sound, I had my foot in everything. I worked, I was in a sorority, was president of some different clubs and honor societies, and was heavily involved in an on campus ministry group. I had friends from every corner of campus from the varsity sports teams to theater groups to the music school to the biology labs. They were the greatest sources of inspiration and taught me so much about what it means to be a healthy and happy individual. But most importantly, over the 5 years I lived in Tacoma, I found a home there. It is where my heart resides and I miss it every day.

Now, I’m 23 and I’m a graduate student in at NYU’s Institute of Fine Arts, with great dreams of becoming an Art Historian and a college professor. Like anyone who has entered the post-undergrad world, life is a little rough sometimes. For the first time, I’m living far far away from all of my family and friends with no clear end-date. I’m a new New Yorker, so to speak and while school eats up most of my days I’m trying to explore this crazy city and make it feel a little more like home.

This blog is my attempts to sort through what it means to be 20-something and figuring it out. Some posts are going to be comical while others, on the more personal side, may be regarding tough and rather controversial topics. The most important thing I want to stress however is that nothing I express here is a static platform, viewpoint or mantra. This is a snapshot. A grasp of what I am thinking at any given moment in time. Subject [more like guaranteed] to change with time. So be patient with me. I’m not writing this for an ego boost or to gain a “following”. If no one reads this but me and my mom, I’ll be fine with that! [Actually, Mom, some posts may not be suitable for you either. So steer clear of those for the benefit of our extraordinarily healthy relationship.]

But, if somehow you made it through this and you still want to follow me along my journey, please, be my guest! All I am hoping to accomplish is to find a way to write out what I’m thinking and feeling. And if any of that inspires you or emboldens you or comforts you in any way, I will have accomplished far more than I intended.